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Nexu Mesh Networks

This service provides wireless internet (WiFi) to a community of people.  It takes one internet connection coming into the area and distributes it throughout a wide geographical area.  This service is provided to many different types of communities such as RV parks, condo associations, apartments, communities, hospitals, and similar organizations, but is not limited to these venues.  Nexu is now serving all 48 states of the lower United States as well as a few other countries.   Nexu is still expanding into regions not yet served.  Click here to see where Nexu Mesh Networks are fully supported.  Continue to check back here to find out where we are able to offer fully supported WiFi systems.  If you are interested in having a distributed WiFi system, but are not currently in one of our fully supported systems, click on the "Out of Nexu Regional Areas" link below to learn more about how Nexu might still be able to help.


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