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Making a difference in our Flattening World!

Company FAQ

What products does Nexu provide?

Nexu provides many different types of products. Since the company is so new, most products are still in development. Products will only be added to this site once they have been finalized and are available for purchase. Proprietary products will also not be posted or displayed here. You can check our products and services section for more information and ability to purchase items for sale at:

What products does Nexu provide?
Who are Nexu's customers?

Nexu has a diverse customer base. It develops its products and services for the public consumer market, Department of Defense, and other government organizations. Nexu has a very high regard for all its customers. The extensive experience and expertise of its owner and employees is used to provide unique, targeted, and useful products and services to each of its valued customers.

What does Nexu do?

Nexu is a research and development company. It provides it's customers with products
and services.

What is this mesh network service Nexu Innovations is offering?

This is a service that provides wireless internet to a community of people. It takes one internet connection coming into the area and distributes it throughout a wide geographical area. This service is offered at a fraction of the cost associated with other wireless internet systems

Click here for more information if you are a business interested in providing internet services to your customers

Click here for more information if you an internet user interested in more information about how to use a Nexu Mesh Network

What does Nexu's logo represent?

It represents innovation, forward thinking/motion, progress, and new ideas via arrowheads
pointing forward and up and to the right. The oval hints at the flattening world concept without being too literal. The white arrow breaking the edge of the oval on the upper right is symbolic of the birth of new ideas and breaking the mold to make a difference in our Flattening World.

The colors green and blue combined invoke thoughts/feelings of freshness, harmony, renewal, dependability, and commitment.

What is a "Flattening World"?

The term "Flat World" is referencing a book called "The World Is Flat". It is an excellent book and I highly recommend it. You reference this Wikipedia site for more information:

The book explains how the world economy has changed from a segregated world of local
commerce to a flat world where even an individual can compete on the world market. It explains and describes how the internet has allowed this change and how to succeed in a flat world.

Where do the ideas come from?

Nexu's ideas primarily come from the operators that are out there putting their lives on the line.

I will try to give credit where credit is due. If I don't please don't hesitate to mention something to me. I can guarantee I didn't leave off credit on purpose. What I do ask is that you don't come to me in an accusatory way. Unprofessional lines of discussion will not be entertained.

Example: Many of Nexu's mid-range goals stemmed from discussions with Pete Kern (a great friend of mine). Though I have had discussions along those lines with other operators, and many operators have voiced these ideas, Pete's insight and enthusiasm inspired me to think heavily on the subject. It's innovative ideas like these that can solve problems for many people with many different jobs. In the end, everyone wins.


It is my firm belief that ideas and innovation are endless. That so long as we all strive for a better, safer, more efficient world we will never run out of things to develop. Keeping this in mind, if Nexu cannot do what you need, Nexu will find someone who can. Nexu has many, many connections and relationships with a wide array of companies, people, and government organizations.

Where is Nexu located?

Nexu is in the Canton/Akron area of Ohio. Location changes after that will depend
on the expansion of the company.

Regional sites have been developed in key regions of the world to allow Nexu to quickly service its Nexu Mesh Networks deployed throughout the world.

The name: Nexu Innovations

How do you pronounce it? Nex-oo