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Making a difference in our Flattening World!

Mission Statement

To make a difference.

Nexu will make a positive difference to its employees, customers, and the world. This will be achieved by empowering its employees through communication, direction, freedom, responsibility, and fun. Nexu will deliver high quality, useful products to its valued customers on time and will always strive to make its products better, safer, and more useful. Efficient and reliable suppliers will be sought out and cultivated to ensure secure, reliable, and profitable business for the supplier and high quality, on time components to Nexu. Honesty and forthrightness is expected at all times from everyone to help ensure that the right things are done for the right reasons at the right time. This culture of honesty and communication will allow Nexu to soar above and beyond its competition. Though not a democracy, all employees should contribute to the ideas, structure, and future of the company.

Nexu will focus its profits on expansion and the betterment of its employees to achieve its ultimate goals. Company needs will be derived from the goals of the company and the profits used for expansion will be used to directly achieve those goals. To meet the company goal of a high retention rate, profits will also be used to increase employee quality of life. This will help Nexu make the biggest and best difference it can to its employees, customers, and the world.