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Joshua D. BrownNexu's Owner

Owner and founder: Joshua D. Brown

I started Nexu Innovations with two things in mind: to make a difference and to have fun.  When I look at the world around me I see what it could be. I focus on what could be done to make this world a better place.  I then take these ideas and see if I can make them a reality.  This is why Nexu has such a diverse range of products and services.  I believe that innovation is unlimited and that things can and will always be improved upon.

I attended the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque for three years studying physics and computer science.  Following my junior year, I enlisted in the US Navy serving 11.5 wonderful years on active duty as a Master Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician (EOD).  While deployed numerous times overseas, in both warfighting and non-combatant roles with SOF (Special Operations Forces) units, it was my pleasure to work with the most intelligent, innovative, and independent patriots I have ever met.  My duty stations included: Information Technology A School, BUD/S, NDSTCNAVSCOLEOD, EODMU3, KTOD ACTD, and NSWDG.  These opportunities allowed development of my operational experience as well as understanding and associations within the research and development (R&D) community.

The combination of operational and R&D experience with applied electronic and software knowledge allows Nexu to bring new, interesting, and effective innovations to an array of diverse organizations.  My imperative is Nexu's research and development will benefit its users in the best way possible and reflects in its products and services offered.  If there is a way to make them more beneficial to the end user, I will.