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Nexu Automation

Nexu provides home and office automations services. What are "automoation services"? With automation services you can control, monitor, and automate electrical outlets and switches based on an array of sensors and rules. Click on the links to the right to learn more about what Nexu offers and what can be done.

Some examples of how Nexu Automation can help you:

    • Prevent pipes from freezing: Send text/email alerts at certain temperatures
    • Turn on lights based on motion in the room: Turn on bathroom light when someone enters & turns it off a set period of time after the motion stops
    • Turn off all (or some) outlets when your business closes for the day: Save money on your electric bill since all your electrical devices are off all night
    • Monitor entry to a building: Send email/text alerts if someone opens a door or window
    • Monitor electrical usage: View graphs to see how much your equipment is costing you each month & compare equipment usage to each other
    • Control multiple lights & outlets from a single switch: Tell a switch at yourt back entrance to turn on all lights & outlets in the office when you press the switch in the morning when the office opens
    • Turn signs on & off: Automatically control when you signage turns on & off

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