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Looking for high speed internet at a reasonable rate? You've come to the right place. Nexu has been providing WiFi services for over 4 years. Since Nexu was not an ISP (Internet Service Provider) we found it increasingly difficult to find fast internet speeds at reasonable costs from existing ISP's in the 13 states we currently provide services in. This led Nexu's owner to push the expansion of Nexu into the Internet Provider aspect of the business. Nexu is now able to provide extremely fast internet services at much more competitive rates.

Nexu is able to provide these services by partnering with regional fiber optic companies. Fiber optics are able to provide extremely high speeds and we are able to take these very high speed connections and leverage Nexu's wireless expertise to beam these speeds to nearby businesses and residents. Our fiber optic company is able to provide nearly limitless bandwidth. Up to 10Gpbs (that's 10,000Mbps) at each location we connect to the fiber, and we connect to the fiber at many different points to service different areas. Nexu's wireless links from the fiber to the customer are able to provide up to 1.5Gbps speeds. These speeds are also what are called "synchronous" speeds. This means that the upload speed is equal to the download speed which is a very important improvement over traditional ISP internet packages.

Why is it important to have Nexu's internet services in your area? Because we introduce a level of competition to the internet provider market that does not exist in most areas of the United States today. Once Nexu internet is introduced to an area, the existing providers in the area are forced to reexamine their business practices to stay relevant. This means faster speeds and lower prices for all customers. Not just Nexu Internet customers.

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